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Simplicity is at the heart of the Access Portal 3.0 release.
The software suite has been revamped to provide a clean
user-intuitive interface, along with new menus and quicker
ways of doing common tasks.

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IT’S ALL CHANGED! Yes, there are some features that have moved from their former location due to the overhaul of the user interface

  • Replace reader/controller is now found under the Reader and Controller views.
  • Selecting your preferred site is now done through the User Filters menu.
  • Live columns/filter settings that previously were found under the filter profile, are now in the Operator Profile, under Columns and Filters
  • Live! view is now renamed Transactions and can be found on the dashboard.
  • Notification account settings is now in the Setup menu, and is renamed Account Settings.

User interface

Access Portal 3.0 has a completely new look and feel. We’ve created mega menus, structured relevant information together and added some new icons for quick tasks. We’ve also simplified how you go about setting up your site and made customising the information you want, quicker and easier.

Random search

Many organisations undertake random searches of people entering the premises and now, through Access Portal the function can be automated based on specific parameters, such as one person is randomly selected from every ten, to breathalyse or be searched.


If you’re migrating or upgrading your system, this has been made easier with the ability to import existing tagholders from an Excel spreadsheet

Other convenience features include the ability to personalise your transaction view in the dashboard and the system will remember your choices the next time you log in; as well as the ability to undertake batch printing of access cards.

Mobile Portal

Mobile Portal is a handheld device that operates as a remote reader, allowing for the tagging in or out of people with pin, card or biometric. The unit has been further enhanced to synchronise transactions over Wi-Fi, removing the need to frequently dock the device to upload data.


Data filters further extend the security features of Access Portal, by controlling the information a user can see in the transactions (previously Live!) view. The limits include a specific site, person or door.