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Be it the home or office, the IXP20 access control system with its modern and sleek design will complement the aesthetic appeal of any building, while offering class leading security and control.

Everything you need to secure your premises is at your fingertips thanks to the simplicity of the touch screen and web application. With two controller options to choose from and a variety of reader options to fulfil your application, IXP20 will meet both your requirements and your budget.  

The IPX220 offers seamless system scalability, allowing you to expand their system effortlessly, using the same software and hardware suite throughout.

The standard web based reporting and the system’s ability to send relevant, real-time, useful information using email and SMS, helps you easily build it into a business tool that offers great return on investment.

The flexibility of the hardware configuration options and the simplicity of the software configuration using the standard wizards, makes the IXP220 the obvious choice for all your access control needs.

The IXP400i has a global track record that speaks for itself. Securing prestigious sites in all major market sectors has ensured that this enterprise solution has evolved over the last ten years into the industry leading integration platform that it is today.

From small commercial to large industrial applications, the IXP400i has the features, flexibility and ability to offer uncompromised security.

Return on investment is not a term often used with the purchase of a security system, however IXP400i offers process management and business tools that ensure it becomes an integral part of your streamlined operations.