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XTime is a specialised workforce management suite comprised of modular hardware and software components. It is specially designed around the multitude of business demands and aspects pertaining to the management of your workforce, health & safety, cost, security and access control.

XTime is the chosen operation critical system within many countries within a wide variety of sectors including mining, oil and gas, industrial and manufacturing operations.


XTime Lite

This system caters for those clients that require a comprehensive workforce management system with ample functionality but less complexity. The system caters for small to large work forces and can accommodate a large amount of readers and peripherals. The system has the visitor expansion module available as an optional add-on module as well in order to manage sites which has a huge in and outflow of visitors and need to record their whereabouts.

XTime Elite

The flagship of our workforce management system offering caters for large enterprise clients that have complex work environments and rules with the requirement for integration and total configurability and flexibility. XTime Elite caters for various aspects within the workforce management cycle and includes optional add-on modules for managing HSE, Time, Shifts & Cycles, Pay rules, Fatigue management etc. The system is flexible and can be constructed as per individual requirements by means of modular expansion.

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