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  • Access Portal Lite's boxed solution is true "access in a box"

Access Portal Lite's boxed solution is true "access in a box"

Ease of installation

  • Access portal in a box is an IPS boxed solution which includes a Power supply, cluster controller and up to four modules, (Antenna or Wiegand) in an enclosed Metal Housing.
  • One of the key vantage points of “Access in a Box” is the ability for the installer to set up the system without a PC or Software.
  • The LCD Screen allows for ease of programming, enrolling of tags, diagnostic information and notifications being viewed on the Unit itself.
  • The modules are PREWIRED which saves you expensive, unnecessary labour time that would normally be wasted on site.
  • A power supply feed of 220vac and a battery is required, thereafter just add the card readers and tags/cards.


Key Features

  • The versatility of this model is that it can be set up as a controller for Access Portal LITE/BASIC or PRO by a simple dipswitch setting if expansion is required.
  • Access Portal in a Box is ideal for ONE, small to medium site (up to 8 doors with ANTI-PASSBACK) and has a user capacity of 1000 users with 8 Access groups
  • Repairs and Maintenance can be easily carried out, where the modules can be swapped for new or replacement whilst the system is still powered up and functioning as in a normal state
  • The unit can be accessed via Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop and is Password protected.
  • The unit works on 12 -15vdc and reverts to the back-up battery upon a power failure ensuring that you are always secured.