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Mark X with Disposable Mouthpiece

For accurate evidential results use the Alcovisor Mark X Breathalyser with a displsable mouthpiece. Simply switch to Standard/ Evidential mode and get your results within seconds!

The Alcovisor Mark X is one of the newest, cost effective and most innovative fuel cell breathalysers with pinpoint accuracy on the market .The Mark X units, are used in all industries across the world, from police departments to industrial sites, due to their extreme accuracy and ability to retain their calibration over several thousand tests.

The unit offers passive sampling for “Screen Testing” and disposable mouth pieces for ‘Evidential Testing”.

The Mark X is extremely easy to operate, simply press the “On/Off” button on the side of the unit, select Cup Sampling, icon indicated top left, attach a sampling cup or select Evidential Testing, icon top right, attach disposable mouth piece and blow.

Need to perform fast, rapid screening for alcohol? Use the Mark X with Sampling Cup and test in Screener mode.

Need to print your evidential results? Use the Mark X with Thermal Printer.

Alcovisor Marx X